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“I had been suffering from severe low back and hip pain for over a year. I tried physical therapy, but only got some temporary relief. My next step was injections, but I decided to give chiropractic a try after hearing about Dr. O’Quinn from my co-worker. This is the most I have felt like myself since this pain began. I have far less pain and am able to sleep through the night and without pain medicine for the first time in over a year. I can walk more normally and walk longer distances without pain. I have also noticed an improvement in my immune system. I was afraid of chiropractic for a long time, but I am very glad I overcame my fear as I have had a tremendously positive experience.”

Carissa H.

“ I started seeing Dr. O’Quinn at the end of November. After just 12 adjustments, I am completely pain free. I now have the ability to function daily without severe pain. I have also noticed an improvement in my ability to focus, increased flexibility and better movement. I am very happy with my results!”

Nikki T.

“When I first came in to see Dr. O’Quinn, I could barely walk I was in so much pain. Not only has my pain improved, but I am able to be more active now. I have had an improvement in my flexibility and movement. I am sleeping better, have a better outlook than before, and have noticed an improvement in my energy. I have also been able to decrease my use of over the counter medications.”

Dawn B.

“I have been seeing Dr. O’Quinn during my pregnancy. I don’t feel nearly as tired and I am able to move easier in everyday activities. My immune system also seems to be stronger. My kids have been sick and I have managed to stay healthy. I have less pain and I have been able to sleep better.”

Darian B.

“Dr. Quinn is so personable and was the best with my kids!!!!!! We could not have had a better experience!”

Bailey G.

“Since starting to see Dr. O’Quinn, I have noticed a 100% improvement in my TMJ issues. I also have less pain in my back. I am able to function better at home and at work and have better flexibility. I have noticed a greater sense of well-being. I have a greater feeling of hope and improved patience. I even had a horrible cold and sinus congestion and seeing Dr. Sarah 2x a week helped so much.”

Teresa V.

“ In just 23 days, I have noticed less pain, better movement, a better outlook on my condition, and more hope.  My back is already feeling better and I have noticed less tension. It is easier for me to dance and do my daily activities.”

Sadie P.

"I have dealt with neck pain for many years. After seeing Dr. O'Quinn for a few months, my pain has reduced and I am able to do more than I have been able to in years."

Mary O.

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